Infokiosk (Infobox interactive information point) is a response to the growing demand for new technologies of communication in public places.
Never before has the form, speed and availability of communication been so important.
The multimedia computer, in a specially designed, resistant to external factors housing, is a combination of advertising media with interactive data source.
The self-service nature of the kiosk allows its users to actively model the shared content, which enhances the effectiveness of communication and it's available 24 hours a day!
On the other hand, the ease of managing particular kiosks or administrating its network, create a new standard of customer service. Kiosks have become a part of our new reality at a rapid pace , existing already in places such as offices, hospitals, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, wherever reliable and complete information is of high importance.
Infokiosk includes a computer with dedicated software to perform specific actions such as:
The basic model of the kioskis only a computer with a touch screen . Nonetheless, the device can be easily modified by adding a variety of tools, such as keyboard, mouse, camera, microphone, speakers, printer, scanner, bluetooth, depending on its purpose.
We configure the offered kiosks in such a way that their users can fully enjoy their modern technology and individual design.

We offer devices in the internal and external version and for special applications, such as mining - for underground work (we offer the only pit computer which was accepted by the Mining Institute ).

Bearing in mind the different requirements of our customers, we offer, in addition to standard solutions, individual design, highlighting the nature and specifics of our work

ul. Terenowa 40
52-231 Wrocław
tel./fax 71 346 98 00

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  1. Infokiosk zewnętrzny IP65

    Projekt pilotażowy KGHM

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